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Basement Selfie



D800 Initial Photos

Got a new camera – Nikon D800. It’s fantastic!

Oscar and his tongue


Oscar the cat and his pink tongue have gained a little attention on Flickr this week ending up on Flickr Explore. This is apparently quite a big deal and as of this writing the photo page on Flickr has received over 7000 views. Cool!

BTC at the Red Room


Beyond the Confines

Jesus Krysler


Jesus Krysler: I got to intro them on stage.

Celestial Ruin

Celestial Ruin

Alysia Lynn Again

Alysia Lynn Eyes

The eyes have it. Alysia Lynn Music

Paul Trounce


Paul Trounce of Beyond the Confines

Alysia Lynn Too

Alysia Lynn Too

Alysia Lynn Music

Alysia Lynn

Alysia Lynn

Alysia Lynn Music

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