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Nikon Slide Scanner Activate

Nikon LS-40 Coolscan IV ED

We wanted a high quality slide and film scanner to scan my father’s slides from the 1960’s into the 1990’s as the memories contained on them are quickly deteriorating with the slides themselves. Luckily, we were given a Nikon LS-40 ED Coolscan IV by a friend. New these scanners were worth around $1200, so it’s fairly high quality.

The problem is there aren’t any proprietary drivers for the latest versions of Mac or Windows. We went with VueScan by Hamrick Software for our solution. The cost was a mere $90 USD for the Pro version of the dirvers, rather than purchase a new high quality scanner for between $600-$800. Not a bad deal.

The files I scanned from some slides that were in the box look great. I’m excited to get some slides from Dad to save and share.

Brian and Maggie


Mid-Century Modern Home


Mid-Century Modern Home

Basement Selfie



D800 Initial Photos

Got a new camera – Nikon D800. It’s fantastic!

Oscar and his tongue


Oscar the cat and his pink tongue have gained a little attention on Flickr this week ending up on Flickr Explore. This is apparently quite a big deal and as of this writing the photo page on Flickr has received over 7000 views. Cool!

BTC at the Red Room


Beyond the Confines

Jesus Krysler


Jesus Krysler: I got to intro them on stage.

Celestial Ruin

Celestial Ruin

Alysia Lynn Again

Alysia Lynn Eyes

The eyes have it. Alysia Lynn Music

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