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Surprised About #Baltimore – Day 116/365

This guy was really worked up about what’s going on in Baltimore. I think I captured it well. I hope this all calms down soon and everyone is ok.

Tanks A Lot

Tank at the armoury in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Bloody Good Pie – Day 116/365

Strawberry pie – no longer existing as it lies in our bellies.

Goofy #Golf – Day 115/365

Cruise Ship Season #yvr

Above Starbucks – Day 114/365

Defense Establishment

#Vancouver #Public #Library #VPL #YVR

This building would be what MC Escher and Salvador Dali would come up with if they collaborated.

Dunsmuir and Richards #Vancouver #YVR

Little Devil – Day 113/365

Sir Donner the Toothless, master of his domain, filler of litter boxes, wakener of the tired, thief of bacon and goofball extraordinaire.

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